Free to Good Home

Please enjoy my little offerings. If you believe other ladies would enjoy these free handouts, please refer them here. Everything here is in Portable Document Format (PDF); a reader is available at Adobe.com.

Don't You Quit

Download Dont You Quit.pdf

Pray Throughout the Day

A few ideas about integrating daily prayer in our lives.

Download Twenty One Ways to Pray Throughout the Day.pdf

The Homemaker's Creed

"The Homemaker's Creed" was originally composed as part of the "American Home Legion" program started during World War II by the Betty Crocker division of General Mills, Inc. Reading the creed has lifted my heart when I felt wearied in my role as a homemaker. As far as I know, the creed is in the public domain.

Download Homemaker Creed.pdf

Just for Today

This simple reading has settled my anxieties on more than one occasion. The original author, as far as I know, remains unknown, but "Just for Today" has been attributed to diverse authors from Pope John XXIII to a History professor from Oregon. I believe the work to be in the public domain as I could not find a copyrighted source. Mrs. Andelin included "Just for Today" in her workbook, but she did not compose it.

Download Just for Today.pdf

Basic Schedule Form

While the Basic Schedule Form isn't copyrighted, I would appreciate your referring others to this website if you believe my form would be helpful. Thank you.

Download basicscheduleform.pdf

Cynthia's Cleaning List

The cleaning list isn't copyrighted, but I would appreciate your referring people here should you feel that my list would prove helpful to them. Thank you.

Download Cynthia'sCleaningList.pdf

Cynthia's Grocery List

I circle the items we need each week and make notes in the empty spaces.

Download Cynthias Grocery List.pdf